The first day of the puppy in its new home, is probably one of the most important days in its life. The abrupt and traumatic separation from its mother and brothers, and many other events taking place along the day, can determineits future character.

The puppy’s bed must be a cradle box, large enough so that it can sleep confortably and well aired. Newspapers can also be used as a matress but we must never let the puppy sleep on furniture. The puppy sleeps a lot several times a day, especially after playing periods. It must be placed in its box whenever it falls asleep so that when the night comes it is already accustomed to sleeping alone and it will not cry or get surprised. If the puppy cries in the night, we must warm it with an electrical blanket or a hot water bottle or even distract it with an audible ticking clock.

If one in following the rules the puppy will soon learn that the box is the right place to sleep in and will accept not being allowed to sleep on the furniture.

Having success in the training of a pet depends on common sense, perseverance and anticipation of every owner. Whether the training is focused on evacuation in free and open areas, namely gardens…or on papers at home, principles are to be the same.

The race and sex of the puppies have little to do with easiness in training however, some dogs are more intelligent than others.

Hercules is growing up

The training must start with the coming of the puppy. There will probably be more work when the puppy is young. Puppies are clean enough by nature. A puppy will not mess on its bed until it is forced to so; this instinct is of great help in the process of training. The puppy must be placed in a wide box the first two or three days except when we are playing with it. This helps the process of training and in this period "anticipation" is the key.

When the puppy gets up in the morning or after having eaten anything, it will need to evacuate. Take it immediately to the right place and walk with it in the established area for a while. The puppy will follow the owner and in due time it will evacuate or urinate. On having done it, congratulate the puppy for the result but never in excess.

After every meal the puppy needs to urinate or evacuate; lead it then to the established area in order to “answer nature’s call”. Dogs are creatures of habits, and when they smell their excrements, they normally evacuate again in same place. Before taking it again back home it must exercise or trek for a time.

Sometimes dogs can fail to evacuate in the established area especially when they are young. In this case we must call their attention orally and lead them to the right place emphasizing that it is the only place where they can evacuate. The place where it evacuated by mistake must be very well washed with detergent and ammoniac to remove any trace of smell.

Your puppy will learn good behavior, not having opportunity to commit mistakes. The owner must help taking the dog to the established area before it may need to answer nature’s call. While the puppy is learning, it needs your help and support, carrying our whatever can be requested to have success.